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What Should I Do If My Order is Delayed?

Is Your Order Delayed? Here's a Trick to Speed Things Up!

If you’re looking at your tracking details for your order and things haven’t changed for multiple days in a row, there’s a chance the shipping carrier has delayed your order. Luckily, we have a trick to speed things up! 

Completing this process is also great for speeding up your delivery time. Even if you don’t necessarily need delivery updates, if the shipping status seems to be stuck on the same location for multiple days in a row, try out the steps listed below to speed up the process! 

  1. Find your shipping carrier

To find your specific shipping carrier, follow the steps: What Shipping Carrier is Used to Ship My Package?

  1. Enter your tracking number

Once you receive your shipping confirmation email, you can view your tracking number. Simply search for that number, or navigate to your specific shipping carrier site and enter the tracking number there. For more tracking information, check out Where Do I Find My Tracking Information?

  1. Request delivery notifications

Select the option to request delivery notifications, checking what you’d like to receive. 

  1. Enter your Email or Phone Number

In the form, enter your first and last name, email, or phone number to receive tracking and delivery information and updates. 


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