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How Do I Measure Sizing?

Each of our products are unique with their own size chart!

On each product page, we have provided a size chart to assist you in determining what size to purchase. Under the price of each product you will see a yellow ruler; click the ruler for instructions on how to measure for that particular product. Many of our customers also find the second photo listed for each product helpful in offering extra assistance and additional guidance to the measuring process. Some products direct you to measure around a certain body part such as a wrist or bicep, whereas others are dependent on the widest part of your body where you'll wear the brace. 

As you go about making a measurement, be sure to measure both knees, ankles, wrists etc, while sizes may change due to swelling. In some cases, this may result in ordering different sizes for the right vs left side of your body. Ultimately, we just ask that you pay close attention to where/how the instructions are encouraging you to measure!

"But what should I use to measure?"

We recommend that you use a flexible tape measure for the most accurate measurement. If you do not have one, or do not care to purchase one, you can also use a ribbon, rope, phone cord, extension cord, or piece of floss to wrap the body part in place of the flexible tape measure. You will then measure that item’s length used to complete the measurement with a ruler or non-flexible tape measure. This method is fine, but we highly recommend the flexible tape measure for the best measurement. 


For more information on sizing, check out the links below: